• “We consider ourselves extremely fortunate having been introduced to Gonzalo. He is an absolute Gem. We had truly underestimated the difficulties of living in a foreign country. He has helped us, literally holding our hands, to find best health insurance, get drivers license, set up our business and etc. He is now in charge of our residency application. He is extremely patient and competent. We cannot imagine how confused and frustrated our lives would have been without him.”K and K - CA U.S.A
  • “It is my honor to be able to share my appreciation for Gonzalo A. Gomez, and the services that he has, and will continue to provide my wife and I. We are very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of Gonzalo. I ran a business for 30 years, and I am VERY impressed with the intelligence and efficiency of our contact in Uruguay. I highly recommend him and his services to any new arrivals”Glynn Baker - CA U.S.A
  • “He is always there when you need him, a very effective guide and helper” Lewis M. - London UK
  • “Finding Gonzalo was one of the best things that happened to us in Uruguay.Having him available to help us in any situation and to look after our interests, gives us peace of mind”Michael B. - NC U.S.A
  • “After a few frustrating false starts with other consultants I met Gonzalo and found out how easy settling in a foreign country could be if you are helped by an efficient, honest, punctual and knowledgeable person. Thank you Gonzalo for being there”Sannie V - South Africa


Why to choose Uruguay

Some of the  reasons  to choose Uruguay:


  • Uruguay (especially the east side) is one of the safest places in all of South America where you can still walk throughout the town at any time without concern.
  • A very clean environment where you can enjoy your retirement, bring up children, live safely with your family and peacefully set up your own business.
  • The population of Uruguay is well-educated (97% literate), kind, friendly and always willing to help visitors.
  • Privacy is very important and respected in Uruguay.  Strict laws defend property rights and the rights of the individual at all times.
  • A moderate climate usually from 18ºC to 35ºC in summer and 5ºC to 24ºC in winter and very little risk of any type of natural disaster (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados).
  • You will be able to enjoy the marvelous views and beautiful sunsets across the entire country and especially in Punta del Este.
  • Hundreds of hectars (acres) to explore and farm in fertile soil and to delight in true nature and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Very affordable health care plans (insurance) with full coverage choices in modern private hospitals, latest treatments and advances in cosmetic surgeries, dentistry and more.
  • Excellent infrastructure with modern roads, power delivery and communications.
  • Uruguay is Not involved in any armed conflicts, instead it strives to keep good relationships with its neighbors and with the entire world.


* Uruguay is  not targeted by any terrorist movements.

* Punta del Este and the east region are very  safe places  to  live and do business  where people have a normal life enjoying unpolluted air.

* Bank  secrecy laws, defend depositors´ privacy making the system solid and trustable.  You could open accounts in international currencies such as dollars, euros, etc, thus avoiding possible fluctuations in the local currency. What is more, there are no restrictions to currency exchange and the domestic financial market is strong, even after the major economic crises that affected the area in 2001.

* Uruguay was the first country in the Americas -even ahead of the United States, to digitalize its entire telephone network. The country has full coverage in telecommunications, and the private service providers operating in Uruguay keep on growing  steadily.

Transparency  ranks Uruguay second in the list of least corrupt countries in South America.

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