• “We consider ourselves extremely fortunate having been introduced to Gonzalo. He is an absolute Gem. We had truly underestimated the difficulties of living in a foreign country. He has helped us, literally holding our hands, to find best health insurance, get drivers license, set up our business and etc. He is now in charge of our residency application. He is extremely patient and competent. We cannot imagine how confused and frustrated our lives would have been without him.”K and K - CA U.S.A
  • “It is my honor to be able to share my appreciation for Gonzalo A. Gomez, and the services that he has, and will continue to provide my wife and I. We are very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of Gonzalo. I ran a business for 30 years, and I am VERY impressed with the intelligence and efficiency of our contact in Uruguay. I highly recommend him and his services to any new arrivals”Glynn Baker - CA U.S.A
  • “He is always there when you need him, a very effective guide and helper” Lewis M. - London UK
  • “Finding Gonzalo was one of the best things that happened to us in Uruguay.Having him available to help us in any situation and to look after our interests, gives us peace of mind”Michael B. - NC U.S.A
  • “After a few frustrating false starts with other consultants I met Gonzalo and found out how easy settling in a foreign country could be if you are helped by an efficient, honest, punctual and knowledgeable person. Thank you Gonzalo for being there”Sannie V - South Africa


About us:

Our focus at PuntaConsultants is helping people from all over the world to improve their quality of life by relocating either full or part-time to Uruguay.


We offer the services and guidance needed to help make the transition simple and hassle free.

At PuntaConsultants we take a simple cost effective approach. We are very experienced and have a proven track record of assisting with the many aspects required for your successful relocation, retirement and business plans.


We specialize in relocation, residency, citizenship and passport, concierge services, translation services, coordination of the shipping of personal items, and more.


We can also assist with crucial items such as obtaining excellent health care, a drivers license, home and auto insurance, and the establishment of utilities services.  Getting these things can often be frustrating and expensive in a foreign country.  We can help you by making the process smoother, faster and more affordable.

Our team of specialists includes an attorney, financial planner, notary, customs broker, CPA and translator who are all available to meet your needs if so required.


We will help you take advantage of the wonderful opportunities available here in Uruguay as well as to improve your quality of life and lower your cost of living.


Gonzalo Alexander Gomez


Gonzalo is a Uruguayan native who is very knowledgeable about the entire country.  He is an established, innovative, and moral family man.


Gonzalo is well known as being an honest and helpful inter-cultural problem solver and resource.  He is highly experienced with the immigration procedures that are involved in residency applications and has obtained more than 300 granted residencies for his clients.   He is also highly experienced in providing specialized concierge services and is fluent in both English and Spanish.


He understands and is experienced with all the requirements and necessities of getting "settled in” in Uruguay.  (see referrals)


Pictures by "Chango Figueredo"


  • Permanent Residency Applications
  • Uruguay citizenship and passport applications
  • Drivers license
  • Health/auto/home insurance
  • CPA´s services
  • Open bank accounts
  • Notary services, certificates, deeds, trust, etc.
  • Lawyer’s services, legal advice.
  • Legalizations and registrations at Ministries in Montevideo.
  • Coordination of the transportation and importation of your personal items.


Language Services:


  • Sworn translator´s services:  Spanish, English, German, French, and Portuguese.
  • Instant interpretation services.


Concierge & Personal Services:


  • Efficient administration services for the sorting out of particular problems.
  • Meeting and transportation arrangements.
  • Telephone inquiries.


Tel #  +598 99190854  |  Skype: puntaconsultants  |  E-mail: info@puntaconsultants.com  |  Punta del Este - URUGUAY